Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emporium: The Process

Bob Medema, the owner of Emporium, is no stranger to journalists.  When I walked into the building he immediately pulled out two articles about him to read.  I decided to profile the place instead of him soon after this for two reasons: in the time I had, I didn't think I could get beyond the things he's told every other journalist, and I realized I wasn't as interested in his life as I was in the actual store.  I hung around for a full shift and talked to both him and his work partner Dave Cretsinger.  I watched them do a couple of price quotes and purchases with vendors.  I spent a lot of time roaming the buildings and noting their differences and the things that stood out to me about each.

I think the place has the potential to be a great profile piece.  My current piece isn't doing it justice right now.  I posted a couple of my big questions on my draft.  In addition to those, I'm wondering if I should get some outside input on the place.  Marin suggested I talk to someone who's into antiques and familiar with both the store and the antique scene in Kalamazoo.  I think that might add an interesting dimension to the piece for my final draft.  Mostly I'm still up in the air about the intent of my piece.  I think it needs to be more focused for me to have a solid, written representation of Emporium.

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