Sunday, January 20, 2013

NYT Defense [Maggie & Brittany]

Mike Hale presents a successful mixed review of “Ripper Street,” weaving back and forth between its high and low points. Since the show is produced in Britain, he offers a reference point—“Law & Order”—for an American audience reading the review. He also acknowledges this audience at the end when, after critiquing the less original points of the show relative to other British and Canadian television, he writes that it has a more unique feel for Americans.

Hale leads in with two themes of the show: violence and sex. The sensationalism draws the reader in and also serves to summarize the show. He examines performance and chemistry between actors, simultaneously giving small details about the series content.

While he talks about the negative points, he also offers up positives, allowing readers to weigh the pros and cons of tuning in. The way he bounces back and forth does not push them in one direction or the other. It pulls readers through the review, keeping them engaged as they learn about the show. This is a unique review since it presents a British show to American audiences. It is helpful to look at when considering how to critique foreign material. 

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  1. Hey Maggie, I agree with you on the leads, he definitely perks your eyebrows with sex and violence--or at least assumes everyone will in the audience.

    What irked me in terms of his review was that he didn't address much of the sex or the violence. Just attributing them as another TV thing, more or less--criticizing the originality on their "Dickensonian plots" and reliance on "incipient technologies" rather than going at the meat of the broader television tropes.

    Then again I may just be disagreeing with you.

    Also, he is referencing Waking The Dead, not The Walking Dead, but the Law and Order one holds up. Just a note. Thanks for the highlight, Maggie & Brittany.